24/7 Lockers


Around-The-Clock Access

Welcome to the peak of convenience in garment careCressbells 24/7 Pickup and Dropoff Lockers. Our state-of-the-art locker system redefines how you interact with our services, providing a secure access point for dropping off and picking up your garments on YOUR time.

  • Place your garments in any un-locked locker and take note of the locker number (i.e. CS1 etc.).
  • Enter the 4-digit pin of your choice and twist the lock anti-clockwise to lock it.
  • Send an SMS to 0482077554 of the locker number you have used for your garments. (i.e. CS1 etc.)
  • It’s that easy!

  • NOTE: Please contact the store during business hours (53333327) if you want to collect your clean order from a locker. Orders are not automatically returned to lockers for you to collect them. Please talk to our staff to arrange this.

Questions Or Need Assistance?

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