Green Earth

Green Earth

  • GreenEarth is chemically inert and won’t react with your clothes in any way.
  • GreenEarth is ideal for delicate trims, such as leather, beaded and lace.
  • GreenEarth is non allergenic and leaves your clothes odour free.
  • GreenEarth produces no harmful waste, making it safe for you and the environment.
  • GreenEarth is perfect for all your dry cleaning needs from leather jackets to precious wedding gowns.

Since 2010 Cressbells Dry Cleaners has been using the revolutionary GreenEarth cleaning solvent.

GreenEarth, or silicone, is a dry cleaning alternative that is truly 100% environmentally friendly. Silicone is the same ingredient used in shampoos and body lotions and has no environmental concerns, because it is made from pure liquefied sand. GreenEarth Cleaning isn’t just good for the earth, its good for your clothes, because it is so gentle. And its good for your nose, because you will no longer have to put up with “dry cleaning” odor.

The GreenEarth Cleaning solvent used to dry clean your clothes is chemically inert. This means it does not chemically interact with your clothes in any way. Rather, it carries detergent to your clothes and rinses away suspended dirt and oils trapped by the detergent.

Because it is chemically inert, it is more gentle on your clothes. Wools do not come out looking “washed out,” dry, or full of static. Silks and acetates are treated more gently. Colours remain bright and intact since there is no chemical reaction with the solution. Drycleaners who have seen the GreenEarth system in operation say the garments come out looking like they have been “in a mineral bath,” with a soft and gentle feel, and with very little wrinkling.

The solvent is safe for all buttons and trim of any kind. You will see better service and less problems with buttons being damaged.

And of course, GreenEarth Cleaning is better for you because “it’s good for everybody.” You can be assured that your GreenEarth cleaner is a safer cleaner — for you, for your garments, for his employees, and for our environment.

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