24/7 Lockers

Drop off procedure:

  • Place your garments in any un-locked locker and take note of the locker number (i.e. CS1 etc.). or scan bar code inside locker
  • Enter 4 digit pin of your choice and twist lock anti clockwise to lock it.
  • Then SMS “locker’ to 0482077554 and you will receive an automatic response with a vCard and a link
  • Then click on the link and you will be taken to a mobile app and will be prompted to click on the “place new order”.
  • After clicking on new on “Place new Order’ button then type the locker number eg CS1 or scan bar code inside locker
  • Once you have entered locker number click “continue” and you will get a success message showing the locker number and location.
  • Next click on “Continue” and you will be brought to a screen to enter any cleaning instructions.
  • Finally the system will ask for your credit card information and review your order.
  • From this final screen you can track your order

NOTE: Please contact the store during business hours (53333327) if you want to collect your clean order from a locker. Orders will not be automatically returned to lockers for you to collect them. Please talk to our staff to arrange this.

Pick up procedure:

  • Call store during store hours (53333327) to advise us that you wish to collect your garments from a locker.
  • Pre-payment is required via our web app (https://Creswick.mylockers.com.au/)
  • Once your garments have been located into a locker and your payment has been received you will receive an SMS with the locker number your order has been located in and the one time PIN to open that locker.
  • To open locker, enter your PIN and twist the lock clockwise to open the lock.
  • If you cannot open the locker, please SMS the “Access S” to 0437 412 724.
  • Once you have removed your order, simply close the locker and leave it unlocked ready for the next customer.
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